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How To Sell

Our 21 day process

Our 21 day process has evolved from the auction dynamics with a timeline and results oriented approach; making real estate decisions easier for buyers and sellers. Meaningful market intelligence is used for acquiring and disposing property. An in-depth market analysis is done with the seller before going to market to ensure realistic property values. This avoids sellers trying to overreach, as the process simply allows the price to come from the market, and avoids guesswork and overpricing. In the information age, buyers have easy access to comparative pricing.

A high profile advertising campaign is used over a 3 week period, to achieve the highest exposure. This is powered through our flagship boards, at all traffic intersections, local media, as well as social media, and measurable with an outcome in 21 days.

The transactional process is made easy online through our simple and verifiable audit process. The market is subject to fluctuations beyond human control, and this process is the most appropriate test of the ‘willing buyer-willing seller’ principle.


4 Easy Steps to Selling Your Home

1.) We will call you and walk you through our process of listing on the Vital Properties platform.

Through our considerable expertise, the market intelligence is discussed upfront, to ensure pricing, timing, and advertising resources, are in line with current market conditions.                                                                  


2.) Specific details of the advertising medium is explained with cost options;  

Property Advertising campaigns consist of the following:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 –High exposure using 800 x 800 sign boards at major traffic intersections 

-Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn  

-Email and SMS campaigns to our database         

-Our webpage 

-Instant and immediate access to a consultant for property advice and assistance      

-Local newsprint  


3.)Visuals, photographic imaging and presentation of your property discussed in detail, before hosting.

High resolution photo’s of the property are taken professionally. “Show days” are a thing of the past, and only qualified buyers are allowed access to physical viewing. Sellers’ are also encouraged to attend to improvements on their home, to enhance the sale, and ultimately achieve the selling price.   


4.) Offers submitted are accepted or rejected.  

Through our simple audit process, the seller views the offers received, as well as the final bid outcome on the auction closing date.


Advantages of selling through our platform:

•No commission is payable by the seller.

•Sellers contribute towards advertising costs-a more cost effective approach than paying commission.

•Our active advertising campaign significantly enhances a successful sale outcome and ensures that we have property views on our website that translate into bids, and ultimately a result in 21 days.

•Individualised attention and transparency, through continuous engagement and feedback from our team. Technology does not replace skilled personnel, it enhances our service level.

•A quicker and streamlined process- as only buyers with finance (cash or bond) may view the property and submit a bid.

•We deliver results within 21 days, through our effective advertising and personalised service.


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