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4 Easy Steps to buying your home:

View a property on our website with the reserve price (amount acceptable to the seller), Some sellers prefer not to disclose reserve price upfront. Buyers are also encouraged to do their own research on pricing.
Finances and FICA have to be demonstrated.
An auction contract is without ‘deal breakers’, hence finance has to be pre-arranged.

Should you elect to use a mortgage bond, pre-qualification is required. We can assist through our network partners.

Should you elect to use cash , a letter of good standing is required from your bank.


Pay a R10 000 refundable deposit
A registration deposit is not required when you demonstrate proof of funds or pre-qualification of mortgage finances. Should you prefer not to disclose your finances, a R10 000 refundable deposit is required to participate as a buyer.
Physical viewing of the property.

Once pre-qualification of finances are in place, a physical viewing is arranged for qualified and participating buyers to verify the online viewing, before an offer is submitted.
Submit an offer to purchase online, as per the required fields.

This is done online and the bid process is simple to audit. On the auction closing date, participating buyers will be advised of the bid outcome.

The highest bidder will be required to complete the sales agreement for sellers acceptance. The audit process is reliable and transparent to participating buyers.

A seller could also accept an offer before the closing date, and the auction will be withdrawn.

Benefits of buying through our platform:

  • A silent auction method is used. A potential buyer’s bid is kept confidential, and only disclosed to a qualified competing buyer.
  • The auction is not held on site of the property, buyers submit bids from the comfort of their own environment.
  • Potential buyers are encouraged to verify the reserve price, according to their own research.
  • Buyers have easy access to property transfers through the web. Buyers may also purchase a comparative sales report, in order to acquire the market intelligence.
  • Buyers on our database are informed about new property listings in their suburb of interest, via email or SMS or WhatsApp.
  • We accommodate all budgets and a variety of property preferences; and strive to provide property solutions for all buyers.

Auction terms & conditions

  1.  Finances to be pre-arranged, whether cash or mortgage.
  2. Auctioneers Fee.
    The purchaser shall be liable for the payment of the Auctioneers Fee, negotiated between the buyer and auctioneer. The fee shall be payable immediately upon conclusion of the auction/ upon acceptance by the seller.
  3. Voetstoots
    The property is sold voetstoots, as you see it, as you buy it.
  4. Standard Conditions of Sale

Please refer to our Standard Conditions of Sale. DOWNLOAD PDF


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