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About Us


Vital Properties is an independent, owner-managed real estate company, focusing on innovation and service excellence in the real estate environment, and achieving results within 21 days.


Vital Properties was established in 2005, and operates across South Africa. Our online platform is used in combination with skilled personnel; to create a cost effective and efficient service for buyers and sellers.

We go beyond a property listing platform, and conduct an active marketing campaign. Advertising signs are specifically designed for properties listed on our platform, and are used at major intersections and key traffic nodes. This ensures that we have property views on our website, which translates into bids.

The traditional real estate approach has a turnaround time of 90 days. However, through our personalised service, a high profile advertising campaign, and smart use of technology; our clients receive results within 21 days.


The ethical standards and professional norms of the real estate industry are embedded in our business practices. Honesty, transparency, integrity, trustworthiness, and responsibility, are the foundations of our value system. We are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) of South Africa; and are aligned with the principles of the EAAB, as well as the Estate Agency Affairs Act.


Vital Properties was founded in 2005, and is led by Ruben Bhagwandeen, who is dedicated to transforming the real estate environment with improved ideas and processes. Through his considerable experience and expertise, Vital Properties gradually evolved from hosting on-site auctions, to online auctions. He holds a Masters in Business Leadership, obtained in 1996, from the University of South Africa.

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