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About Us

Who we are

Vital Properties is an independent, owner-managed real estate company founded in 2005, providing services to the residential and commercial real estate market across South Africa.

We are driven by our game changing concept of results within 21 days, using the Auction dynamics. We have distilled from the auction principles a definite method and time frame by which the sale and marketing of assets can be demonstrated and utilised to provide real value that exceeds our clients expectations.

Our team has considerable years of experience and expertise to various levels of functioning in a real estate environment that is constantly changing. In striving for service excellence to maximise client value, the passion, enthusiasm, energy, and skilled human interaction used in our process is a necessary and balancing ingredient to harness the energies with the technological online buying and selling experience.


What Makes Us Different

Since 2005, we have been improving and perfecting our unique process, which has evolved from onsite auctions, to a silent online auction platform. This is a cost effective and efficient platform, enabling us to achieve results in 21 days, compared to the traditional turnaround time of 90 days.

Our marketing campaign has an intensive and extensive advertising coverage powered through traditional, digital, and social media advertising. It is measured by the number of views for a property on our webpage, and how many translate to offers in 21 days, a competitive advantage, as opposed to just passively listing without an outcome.

The reserve price, which is the amount acceptable to the seller, is disclosed upfront, and the participating buyers are able to view competing bids once they have submitted an offer to purchase.

The highest bidder has the right of first refusal, when competing offers are received.

We have a simple and verifiable audit process, which is reliable and transparent to participating buyers.

Into The Future

Whilst technology is at the forefront of a new buying and selling online environment, with little interaction, Vital Properties will continue to provide the necessary human interaction. We believe people make the connection, not computers. We continue to strive towards a world class service offering, focusing on cost, quality, flexibility, and service delivery.



The ethical standards and professional norms of the real estate industry are embedded in our business practices. Honesty, transparency, integrity, trustworthiness, and responsibility, are the foundations of our value system. We are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) of South Africa; and are aligned with the principles of the EAAB, as well as the Estate Agency Affairs Act.


Vital Properties was established by Ruben Bhagwandeen, who is dedicated to transforming the real estate environment with improved ideas and processes. He holds a Masters in Business Leadership, obtained in 1996, from the University of South Africa.