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Bid Process


Buyers gain an introduction to a property, by frequenting our website; direct SMS, WhatsApp, and email communication; or via our advertising boards displayed at prominent traffic intersection points. Buyers then view the property on our website.


Buyers’ who are interested in an on site viewing of a property, and making a purchase consideration, are required to submit a bid via email. Buyers’ are encouraged to submit a realistic bid. The email bid is an invitation to do business, not an offer to purchase. A physical viewing is required before an offer to purchase is completed. Following the physical viewing, the bid can be increased, decreased, or withdrawn.


Once an initial bid is submitted (cash or bond), a buyer has the opportunity to view the property on site. Should a buyer require bond finance, we could provide assistance. Following a physical viewing, a buyer could submit an offer to purchase, even before the closing date of the auction.


The seller reserves the right to accept or reject an offer. Should there be more than one buyer; the Right of First Refusal will be given to the buyer who first submitted an offer to purchase. Information relating to the competitive bid process is shared with participating and qualified buyers only. A qualified buyer is one who has submitted an offer, secured finances (cash or bond), and satisfied FICA requirements.

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